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FAQ & Shipping


You can now download and print our Order Form Here, and email, fax (1-905-475-3908), phone (1-866-259-4439)  or mail your order to:
21 Amber Street, Unit 11
Markham, Ontario, Canada. L3R 4Z3

How to Order the Correct Size for your Table

All of our linens are labeled under a uniformed size structure to help you categorize the sizes. Though we have made every effort to list the exact sizing, the actual size varies from piece to piece because they are hand made and pre-shrunk.
If Your Table is...  And the Size is...   The Cloth Length Should Be:
 Square  Seats 2-4   36" or 45" Square (for a casual look or draped over a solid cloth) - or - 54" Square Tablecloth
 Oblong (Rectangular)  Seats 4-6 

 54" x 72" Oblong Tablecloth
 72" x 90" Oblong Tablecloth

 Oblong (Rectangular)  Extended with 1 leaf  (Seats 6-8)   72" x 90" Oblong Tablecloth
 Oblong (Rectangular)  Extended with 2 Leaves (Seats 8-10)

 72 x 108" Oblong Tablecloth
 72 x 126" Oblong Tablecloth

 Round Tablecloth  Seats 2 - 4

 36" or 45" Round Table topper (for casula look or draped over a solid cloth) - or -
 54" Round Tablecloth
 72" Round Tablecloth
 90" Round Tablecloth

 Oval Tablecloth  Seats 4 - 6   54" x 72" Oval Tablecloth
 72" x 90" Oval Tablecloth (for a formal look)
 Oval Tablecloth

 Extended with 1 leaf
 (Seats 6-8)

 72 x 108" Oval Tablecloth
 72 x 126" Oval Tablecloth
 72 x 144" Oval Tablecloth


Catalogue Request

If you would like a copy of our catalogue please contact us at 1-866-259-4439 or email us.
What if I want to order something that's not online?
With over 2,000 products in total, we're working hard to get all of our items online as quickly as possible.  If you want to order an item that's not online yet, please let us know by email, fax, or phone (1-866-259-4439), and we'll add it to your order.
All of the prices are in Canadian dollars. You will be charged Canadian dollars on your credit card, from our home company, Hong Kong Imports Ltd, in Markham, Canada.
How will you ship my order and how long will it take?
We use Canada Post to ship most of our linen orders.  It typically takes 3-10 business days to ship your order, depending on your location. We can also arrange for special Express Shipping for rush orders at an additional cost. Please email or call us at 1-866-259-4439 if you have any questions about shipping.
How much is shipping?   
Please use this shipping chart to see how much your shipping will be. This applies to all retail orders only to the US and Canada.  There may be additional charges for shipping extra bulky packages, but we will inform you before we charge your card if this is the case.
* Please note, all wholesale orders will still be weighed & shipping will be billed accordingly.

Order Amount

(Before Any Applicable Taxes)

Shipping Amount

(Canadian Dollars)

Up to $30










$151 and over


(UK & Europe, Australia, New Zealand)

Please add $8 CAD on top of normal shipping fees.
Where do you ship to?
We ship to Canada, the United States.  We also ship internationally to the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, with an extra surcharge of $8 CAD. Please allow extra shipping time for international orders.
WHOLESALE: Retailers operating in Canada & US:
If you are a retailer in Canada or US, we require a valid business license in order to qualify for wholesale pricing.  For questions, wholesale pricing or to place an order, you can call us at 1-866-259-4439, fax us at 1-905-475-3908, or email us.  You may also place an order using our online ordering system.  Your cost price will be reflected in your official invoice.
Trade Minimum Order: Please note there is a new trade minimum order of $150 (wholesale value) plus the cost of shipping. 
We currently only accept Mastercard or Visa card payment for online purchases.
Stock Shortages & Back Orders:
Do you have stock of all your items? 
Most of the items online are in stock, however, as we wholesale hundreds of items, stock levels may change frequently.  We will let you know by phone or email if any items are unavailable at the time of shipping. We will provide the most accurate ETA as possible.
Returns & Exchanges: 
Can I return or exchange my purchase? 
You may return or exchange your item within 5 business days of your order arrival if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.  When we receive the item(s) in original condition, we will credit your card for the amount of your purchase. Unfortunately we cannot refund shipping charges.
Defects & Damages: 
What if I have received a damaged item? 
Please contact us within 5 business days of your order arrival if you have received any damaged goods.  Damages and defect claims are dealt with on a case by case basis.  

Care Guide for Crochet & Lace Linens:
Our hand made linens require hand washing and hung dry. Natural shrinkage may occur after washing.  To stretch the linens, iron on medium to low heat (especially on lace) and tug gently in each directly.
Care Guide for Easy-Care Polysatin:
Easy care polysatin is machine washable in the delicate cycle in cold water.  These pieces can be hung dry and generally do not need to be ironed. Should you need to iron the linens, please do so on the lowest heat setting.

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